February 9, 2015

Ubuntu smartphone offers alternative to apps | Technology News

An Ubuntu-powered smartphone Technology is coming to the market a year and a half after a previous attempt to launch a model via crowd funding failed. The Aquarius E4.5 Ubuntu edition relies on a card-like user interface that is not focused on apps. Unlike the original proposal, the handset does not become a desktop PC when plugged into a monitor Technology.


It is originally being focused at “early adopters”, who designers wish will become supporters for the programs Technology. The English organization Canonical, which designed the Linux-based os, said it expected to replicate the success of China organizations such as Xiaomi with its release technique.


This will include holding a number of “flash sales” in Europe beginning next week, in which the device will be sold for short periods of time – giving the developers an opportunity to gauge demand and respond to feedback before committing to a bigger production run. “It’s a proven model – we’re making sure that the product lands in the right hands,” “David Adam”, vice-president of mobile at Canonical, told the Genius Enterprises. “We are way away from sticking this in a retail shop in the High Street. [But] it’s where we want to get to.”

Millions of PCs used by educational institutions, government authorities and businesses already run the pc edition of Ubuntu. “The Ubuntu fan platform will clamour to buy the cell phone Technology just because they will be interested to see what it is, how it works and how they can create for it – they’ll want to be one of the few that have it,” said Frank Natural, from Davies Murphy Team European countries Technology. “But for the wider, more popular, beginning adopter industry, I think requirement will be narrowed because individuals are more app-focused.”

Scope cards

The Ie8 Technology system can run applications published in either the HTML5 web development terminology or its own local QML rule. However, its os successfully conceals them away. Instead of the conventional smart phone Technology user interface – presenting plants of applications – it uses designed credit cards that group together different features. Canonical phone calls these Rifle scopes and they are similar to the swipe-based cards program used by the Search engines now personal associate.

scope cards

The mobile phone’s Technology desktop is the Nowadays Opportunity. It provides a selection of icons in accordance with the customer’s most regular communications on the cell phone. These can consist of the circumstances prediction, the news of the day from third-party news solutions, Tweets styles and a list of the master’s most generally approached friends. By using to the right, the proprietor can create a call or accessibility some of the other standard Rifle scopes, including: A Songs Opportunity, with favourite paths procured from Sound reasoning and other loading music suppliers, as well as providing information of forth-coming events via Music kick.

1) A Video Scope, which presents clips from YouTube and other services.

2) A Photos Scope, which collects together images stored on the phone as well as pictures stored on Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and elsewhere.

3) A Nearby Scope providing location-specific details, including traffic conditions, public transport options and restaurant recommendations.

4) An Apps Scope, which provides access to the camera, calendar software and programs from other companies.

Users can create and configure their own Scopes, and individual services can also be set to have Scope cards of their own Technology.


Mr Parrino suggested that the benefit to the user was an “unregimented” experience, while developers would gain by being able to make their products available via Scopes at a fraction of the cost of creating full apps. “If you come out with a new [OS] that’s based on apps and icons then you’re just a ‘me too’ platform,” he said. “You’ll only be as relevant to developers as the number of users you can bring to them, because you’re adding the burden of supporting a new platform. And for users you’ll only be as good as the apps that you have.

“We’ve had to change that design around and provide an encounter that is attractive its own right – clearly the more solutions Technology that connect into it the better it become, but it’s not fully reliant on them from day one, and for an beginning adopter viewers it’s a great item.” Certain solutions will, however, are losing at release, such as Whatsapp, Skype and several of Instagram’s primary functions.

‘Stopgap’ features

Canonical makes money by asking for organizations for support solutions. The mobile phones Technology themselves are being made and marketed by a Spanish terminology organization, BQ, which already has an Android operating system edition of the components. They consist of an eight-megapixel back digitalcam, a 5MP front one and one GB of RAM storage of Technology. They will price about 170 dollars ($195; £127). “It’s a good-looking system and a very smooth user interface at a genuine price,” stated Mr Natural. “Scopes are an exciting stopgap between a complete third-party app atmosphere and a set function cell phone. “However, they are just that – a stopgap. They will interest very beginning adopters and the Ie8 trustworthy in the temporary. However, it won’t take long before individuals start seeking a complete add-on app encounter similar to the other current systems currently available.”

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